The Client Writes®

Satisfaction Measurement System for Behavioral Healthcare Providers

Critical Insights For Behavioral Health’s Challenging Times

The Client Writes® satisfaction measurement system provides feedback to behavioral healthcare providers enabling them to pinpoint organizational strengths and areas for improvement. This permits an organization to have distinct advantages in:

  • monitoring the effectiveness of their services and operations
  • identifying areas of excellence throughout their delivery systems
  • clarifying opportunities for improvements
  • benchmarking performance with other behavioral health organizations

Comprehensive Quarterly Reporting

  • Control and Comparison Charts
  • Executive Dashboard Report
  • Comparative Benchmark Report
  • Performance Improvement Priority Reports
  • Mean Ratings
  • Percentile Rankings
  • Item Correlation
  • Respondent Profile

Ongoing Technical/System Support

Quality, time-tested performance measurement tools offer client feedback on

  • Access to programs and services
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Service providers (e.g., primary therapist, nurses)
  • Confidentiality
  • Progress made
  • Comments and recommendations
  • Quality of care
  • Overall satisfaction

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Q. What is the Client Writes®

It's a practical and cost-effective way for behavioral health providers to find out how clients view their experiences with your organization. In addition to learning what's important to those served, insight can be gained into your program's strengths as well as opportunities for improvement.

Q. How does it work?

The overall process is really straight-forward, which only adds to it's appeal. Just as you would do in most any perception of care survey, clients can complete the survey during the course of treatment. Then, once the surveys have been completed, client answers can be gathered and directly inputted to data systems provided for this purpose.

Q. What does the survey cover?

The survey questionnaire invites clients to share their views on a range of factors related to the accessibility, acceptability, and value of services including:

  • admission and billing procedures
  • appointment scheduling
  • confidentiality and privacy
  • satisfaction with:
  • office staff
  • therapist
  • courtesy and respect shown by staff
  • progress made
  • would they recommend to others

Q. What does it cost?

Please refer to our ordering page for annual fee schedule.

Q. What's included in the annual fee?

The following are included in the annual fee for each program module:

  • Survey questionnaire/instrumentation
  • Data systems for inputting results
  • System implementation guides
  • Service support
  • Technical briefs
  • Benchmark/Comparative data report
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