Performance Measurement

Satisfaction Measurement System for Behavioral Healthcare Providers

Critical Insights For Behavioral Health’s Challenging Times

Do you know how your clients, referral sources, and employees view their experiences with your organization?

Their viewpoints are critical to your success. So what clients and referral sources think of their day-to-day encounters with your organization not only shapes their future plans about using your organization's services, but also the perceptions they share with others.

And since we also know there's a direct link between having satisfied employees and satisfied consumers, it's not surprising that behavioral health executives are incorporating these unique points of view in building a blueprint for their organization. By doing so they minimize the guesswork in developing an effective, service-oriented environment that addresses the needs of consumers and employees alike.

Our trio of performance measurement products, The Client Writes®, The Community Writes, and The Employee Writes offer high quality, reliable, time-tested survey instruments designed specifically for behavioral healthcare organizations.

Each survey system is comprised of several components; standardized questionnaires for gathering survey information, data management systems for inputting, calculating, and reporting results, and most uniquely, comparative data reporting for benchmarking survey results with other participating behavioral health providers.

Your organization, like other system participants, will find the products and related services of great value in monitoring key aspects of your organization from your consumers' and employee's point of view. Our objective is to offer more than numbers … rather, to help you gain a greater understanding of and solutions to the challenges facing your organization.